Energy Storage Solutions

5 MWh Battery Energy Storage System

CPS is excited to launch the new 5 MWh Battery Energy Storage System for the North American market. The battery system is a containerized solution that integrates 12 racks of LFP batteries and offers a high energy density for utility applications. It is equipped with an advanced liquid cooling system that provides effective and efficient pack-level thermal management. The battery system is packed into a 20ft container to enable easy transportation, installation, and O&M.

Key features include:

  • Fully integrated system with minimum on-site installation and commission efforts
  • High energy density: 5 MWh in one 20ft container
  • Multiple-point electrical linkage measures
  • Easy to expand with CPS‘s modular and string design
  • Integrated fast-acting fault protection
  • Comprehensive fire prevention design to ensure system safety
  • Smart cooling control to improve battery performance and lifecycle 
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