Accessories for String Inverters


The CPS AC-PLC KIT 800V/US is designed for the implementation of power line communication (PLC) over the AC conductors on the low-voltage side of a PV system enabling a low-cost and reliable solution for data communication and control of the 250/275KTL inverters. At the signal source side, the PLC modulation device inside the CPS AC-PLC KIT transforms the data to be transmitted into high-frequency signals through a series of operations such as encoding and modulation, and couples the high-frequency signals to the AC conductors through coupling circuits. At the receiver end within each 250/275KTL inverter, the PLC demodulation device separates and restores the modulated data carrier signals to their original form. The CPS AC-PLC KIT includes the FlexOM Gateway, 12V DC power supply, surge and over-current protection, and a 120Vac convenience outlet all mounted and pre-wired in a weatherproof NEMA 4X enclosure.

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