Accessories for String Inverters

Fuse Bypass Terminals for CPS String Inverters

The Fuse Bypass Terminals are one of several optional accessories that allow CPS inverters to support a wide range of real world applications. The Bypass Terminals enable:

  • Larger single conductors to be terminated at each MPPT within the wirebox, bypassing the input fuses.
  • Reducing the number of DC homeruns to the inverters.
  • NEC 2014 Rapid Shutdown combiners.
  • Retrofit applications with combined DC strings.

Fuse Bypass Terminal Kits available:

  • 23/28/36kW FUSE BYPASS TERMINAL KIT – Includes 4 Bypass Terminals (2 pairs)
  • 50/60kW FUSE BYPASS TERMINAL KIT – Includes 6 Bypass Terminals (3 pairs)
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