Accessories for String Inverters

15 Degree Tilt Racking kits for 25KTL and 50/60KTL

CPS has partnered with various mounting hardware providers to develop an easy ‘lay flat’ mounting solution for commercial rooftops. These racks are available at various tilt angles and orientations. To know more contact your sales representative.

To provide racking solution for CPS inverters mounting on the rooftop, CPS developed customed racks for our 23KTL, 25KTL, 28KTL, 36KTL, and 50/60KTL inverters. The racks will enable the inverters to be mounted “almost flat” with a 15 degree tilt angle against the horizontal line.

Two parts available:

  • SR-25 kit for 1000V applications in the CPS 25kW inverters. This kit includes the shade cover.
  • SR-60 for 1000V applications in the CPS 23, 28, 36, and 50/60kW inverters.