Accessories for String Inverters

15 Degree Tilt Racking kits for 25KTL and 50/60KTL

To provide a racking solution for CPS inverter mounting on rooftops, CPS developed custom racks for our 25KTL-480V, 25KTL-208V, 36KTL, and 50/60KTL inverters. The racks will enable the inverters to be mounted “almost flat” with a 15 degree tilt angle against the horizontal line.

Two parts available:

  • SA-25 Kit for 1000V applications using CPS 25kW-480V inverters. This kit includes the shade cover.
  • SR-60 Kit for 1000V applications using CPS 25kW-208V, 36kW, and 50/60kW inverters.
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