Accessories for String Inverters

The CPS 4:1 AC Combiner is designed for CPS 100/125kW three phase string inverters to optimize system design, installation, and wire management. The units combine the output of up to (4) CPS 100/125kW inverters allowing a cost-effective solution for simplifying system designs and minimizing AC wire losses. This solution enables savings on labor and material costs by reducing the amount of wires needed to connect CPS string inverters to the grid.

Accessories for String Inverters

The Y-Comb Terminal Block allows for conductors carrying more than 20A to be landed in the wirebox of the 50/60kW 1000V inverters and the 100/125kW 1500V inverters.

These adaptors distributes the current between two adjacent fuseholders to provide better thermal performance.

Two kits available:

  • BTH100 for 1000V applications in the CPS 50/60kW inverters.
  • BTH200 for 1500V applications in the CPS 100/125kW inverters.

Accessories for String Inverters

Our shade cover is design and manufactured by CPS specifically for use with our 23, 28, 36, 50 and 60kW string inverters. The covers help protect the inverter in harsh weather conditions (snow, ice) and reduces the thermal gain caused by direct sunlight.

A shade cover is required for installations at less than 75∞ from parallel.

Key Features

  • Increase energy harvest by reducing inverter temperature clipping in high temp environments.
  • Designed to mount directly to the inverter.
  • Lay flat shipping design reduces packaging waste and improves handling at the job site.
  • Easy to install – four fasteners with hand tools.
  • Easy access to the wire-box and LCD screen WITHOUT remove the shade cover.

Accessories for String Inverters

Why locking disconnect covers?

  • Reduce random tampering by passers-by in a publicly accessible install environment such as a bank or school
  • Reduce a truck roll to reset the inverter when turned off by accident
  • One key works for all. Easy key management with a marked key box on the site

Is this code compliant ? 

  • Installers need to verify code compliance with local AHJs and Inspectors.

Accessories for String Inverters

CPS offers padmount MV Transformers as part of the TotalBOSS solutions for use with CPS string inverter and CPS AC Combiners in the US commercial & utility-scale solar PV market.

Standard MV Transformers available:

  • 2.2MVA, 600Vac input MV Transformer
  • 2.75MVA, 600Vac input MV Transformer
  • 3.3MVA, 600Vac input MV Transformer

Accessories for String Inverters

The Fuse Bypass Terminals are one of several optional accessories that allow CPS inverters to support a wide range of real world applications. The Bypass Terminals enable:

  • Larger single conductors to be terminated at each MPPT within the wirebox, bypassing the input fuses.
  • Reducing the number of DC homeruns to the inverters.
  • NEC 2014 Rapid Shutdown combiners.
  • Retrofit applications with combined DC strings.

Fuse Bypass Terminal Kits available:

  • 23/28/36kW FUSE BYPASS TERMINAL KIT – Includes 4 Bypass Terminals (2 pairs)
  • 50/60kW FUSE BYPASS TERMINAL KIT – Includes 6 Bypass Terminals (3 pairs)

Accessories for String Inverters

To provide a racking solution for CPS inverter mounting on rooftops, CPS developed custom racks for our 25KTL-480V, 25KTL-208V, 36KTL, and 50/60KTL inverters. The racks will enable the inverters to be mounted “almost flat” with a 15 degree tilt angle against the horizontal line.

Two parts available:

  • SR-25 kit for 1000V applications in the CPS 25kW-480V inverters. This kit includes the shade cover.
  • SR-60 for 1000V applications in the CPS 25kW-208V, 36kW, and 50/60kW inverters.
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