Commercial String Inverters

23/28kW, 1000Vdc String Inverters for North America

The medium power series of grid-tied, transformerless  inverters help  to accelerate  the use of 1000Vdc and  three phase string architecture  for commercial and  small ground mount utility applications.   A NRTL approved, cost-effective alternative to  central  inverters enabling BoS  cost  savings, high harvest performance and modular design building blocks.  These models provide up  to 98.6% conversion efficiency and wide operating window of 240-950Vdc and dual MPPT’s for maximum cashflow generation.

High Efficiency and Reliability

  • Maximum efficiency of 98.6%, CEC efficiency of 98%
  • 3-level technology and enhanced control mechanism to achieve high efficiency over wide load range
  • 2 MPPTs to achieve higher system efficiency
  • Transformerless design
  • Electrolyte-free design” for improved long-term reliability
  • Standard warranty: 10 years, extension up to 20 years
  • Advanced thermal design, with variable speed fans
  • Ground-fault detection and interruption circuit
  • AFCI Integrated (per UL1699B, Factory Enabled Option)

Broad Adaptability and Flexibility

  • NEMA 4X (IP65), outdoor application
  • Utility  interactive controls  : Active power derating,
  • reactive power control
  • Separable wiring box design
  • Integrated DC, AC disconnects
  • Wide MPPT range for flexible string sizing
  • 1000V Max. DC input voltage for flexible configuration
  • 15 – 90 degree installation angle
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