Commercial String Inverters

25kW-480V, 1000Vdc String Inverters for North America

The 25kW-480V CPS three phase string inverters are designed for rooftop and carport PV applications. These compact units are high performance, advanced and reliable inverters designed specifically for the North American environment and grid. High efficiency at 98.5% peak and 98.0% CEC, wide operating voltages, broad temperature ranges and a NEMA Type 4X enclosure enable this inverter platform to operate at high performance across many applications. The CPS 25kW-480V product ships with a Rapid Shutdown wire-box, fully integrated and separable with touch safe fusing, monitoring, and AC and DC disconnect switches. The integrated PLC transmitter in the Rapid Shutdown wire-box enables PVRSS certified module-level rapid shutdown when used with APS RSD-S-PLC/RSD-D products. Also, the optional CPS FlexOM Gateway enables monitoring, controls and remote product upgrades.

What’s New?

• NEC 2017/2020 PVRSS Certified Rapid Shutdown
• NEC 2017/2020 compliant & UL listed Arc-Fault circuit protection
• 15-90° Mounting orientation for low profile roof installs
• 15° tilt Inverter Rack assembly available from CPS
• Smart-Grid Rule 21 & UL1741-SA Certified
• Fully integrated Rapid Shutdown wire-box
• WiFi connection via CPS Connect Pro app provides system information
• Optional CPS FlexOM Gateway enables monitoring, controls and remote product upgrades, and other O&M service packages.

High Efficiency and Reliability

  • Maximum efficiency of 98.5%, CEC efficiency of 98.0%
  • 3-level technology and enhanced control mechanism to achieve high efficiency over wide load range
  •  2 MPPTs with 3 inputs each for maximum flexibility
  •  Transformerless design
  •  Standard warranty: 10 years, extension up to 20 years
  •  Advanced thermal design, with variable speed fans
  •  Ground-fault detection and interruption circuit
  •  AFCI Integrated (per UL1699B)

Broad Adaptability and Flexibility

  •  NEMA Type 4X (IP66), outdoor application
  • Utility interactive controls: Active power derating, Reactive power control
  • Integrated DC & AC disconnects
  • Wide MPPT range for flexible string sizing
  • 1000V Max. DC input voltage for flexible configuration
  • Low cost 15° tilt mounting solution with shade cover by CPS to provide saving on material and installation labor
  • Fully integrated and separable Rapid Shutdown wire-box
  •  Optional CPS FlexOM Gateway enables monitoring, controls and remote product upgrades, and other O&M service packages
  • CPS Connect Pro App allows the commissioning by IOS or Android smart phone/laptop
  • Light weight (just 48lbs for powerhead) for one person lift and climb without the need of scissor lift
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