Energy Storage Solutions

CPS 125/250kW Commercial Energy Storage Solution

CPS is excited to introduce a turnkey commercial energy storage system (ESS) solution to the North American market. The new CPS ESS solution integrates 125/250 kW two-hour energy storage building blocks that can be easily expanded to meet any C&I project size. Modular design minimizes the impact of faults and their associated O&M costs. Rack-level management reduces mismatch losses between parallel battery cabinets, and also enables battery mixing and phased replacement. The CPS bi-directional power conversion system (PCS) acts as the mediator between the generation source, the grid, and the battery rack for commercial energy storage applications.

 C&I Applications 

  • PV energy shifting and TOU optimization 
  • Peak shaving with demand-charge management 
  • Active and reactive power control for grid support service
  • Zero-export control

Key features include:

  •  Fully integrated turnkey energy storage solution 
  • LFP batteries with high thermal stability and high energy density 
  • Fully integrated fire protection system 
  • Smart liquid cooling systems for extended battery cycle life 
  • Modular design with flexible scalability 
  • Advanced EMS compatibility
  • Active control and management 
  • Full power capacity up to 45°C 
  • Compact cabinets with flexible layout options 
  • UL 9540 certified 
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