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250/275kW V2, 1500Vdc String Inverters for North America

The 250/275kW V2 high power CPS three phase string inverters are designed for ground mount applications and include integrated PID mitigation to help reduce or eliminate Potential Induced Degradation. The units are high performance, advanced and reliable inverters designed specifically for the North American environment and grid. High efficiencies, wide operating voltages, broad temperature ranges and NEMA Type 4X enclosure enable this inverter platform to operate at high performance across many applications. The SCH275KTL inverters include a selectable Active Power of either 250kW or 275kW (factory default) with 12 MPPTs and are available with either 36 fused PV string inputs or 24 unfused PV string inputs. The CPS FlexOM solution enables communication, controls and remote product upgrades.

Product Features

  • Full power capacity up to 42C
  • 12 MPPTs with 36 fused inputs or 24 unfused inputs
  • AC connections AL/CU compatible
  • Supported comm protocols (Modbus RTU, TCP/IP, PLC, CAN)
  • Selectable Max AC Active Power of 250kW or 275kW
  • UL 1741-SA certified to CA Rule 21, including SA14-18
  • Touch safe DC fuse holders
  • NEMA Type 4X outdoor rated, tough tested enclosure
  • Anti-PID function
  • Reactive Power at Night function
  • UL 1741-SB and IEEE 1547-2018 certified

High Efficiency and Reliability

  • Maximum efficiency of 99%, CEC efficiency of 98.5%
  • 36 fused inputs or 24 unfused inputs for maximum flexibility
  • Transformerless design
  • Standard warranty: 5 years, extension up to 20 years
  • Advanced thermal design with active cooling enables true full power across broad temp range
  • Ground-fault detection and interruption circuit

Broad Adaptability and Flexibility

  • NEMA Type 4X enclosure
  • Utility interactive controls: Active power derating, reactive power control
  • Integrated DC disconnects
  • Wide MPPT range for flexible string sizing
  • CPS Flex Gateway enables monitoring, controls, remote product upgrades and fleet commissioning
  • CPS Connect Pro App allows the commissioning of the inverters by smart phone/laptop


CPS America – CPS, Chint Power Systems, is a subsidiary of the Chint Group. CPS America was founded in Texas in 2009 and its operating headquarters is in Pomona, California. CPS is the USA market leader for 3-phase string inverters with well over 7GW shipped in America and 10GW installed worldwide.

Chint Group is a global, diversified, energy and industrial products and services company. Publicly traded, the Group revenue is approximately $7B USD. Divisions of the company focus on products such as; power transformers, PV panels (Astronergy), inverters, energy distribution components, EV charging, battery and storage systems and home efficiency products. 



Site design optimization depends on many variables and perspectives. We aim to help you by providing inputs, ideas and evaluation of trade-offs based on your priorities. This may include site harvest modeling, installed cost analysis or life-cycle factors.


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Proactive on-site support during your installation and commissioning is routine for us. When field service is needed you can count on a rapid response and resolution. 

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