Data Communications and Controls

Open Modbus  - Connect with any 3rd Party Monitoring Provider

All CPS inverters, 3 phase or 1 phase, ship standard with Modbus RS485 communications. Our communication equipment uses industry standard Modbus protocol.   We’ve tested and connected to the major monitoring providers. In addition, over 20 remote Modbus commands are available to remotely control our inverters, from Power Factor adjustments to remote inverter reset.

Flexible.  Free.   Compatible.

CPS Flex Gateway

The CPS Flex Gateway is a new data communications and controls solution for the CPS 50 & 60kW inverter line. The gateway acts as a Modbus master data logger and gateway solution for communications and controlling commercial and utility scale inverter applications. This flexible solution enables three parallel outbound communication options: (1) local pass-through Modbus data to 3rd party solutions, (2) Ethernet based communications to the CPS for remote service (3) and a programmable Ethernet based connection to a location chosen by the customer. The Flex Gateway enables remote F/W upload by the CPS Service team, enabling efficient field service solutions for our customers.