Importance of Supply Chain Considerations when Choosing a Supplier   Listen now.

Tips for evaluating your supplier, and your own company   Listen now.

Why have installers adopted 3-phase string inverters so fast?   Listen now.

Chint Power Perspective, Scaling in America   Listen now.


Inverter Retrofit Options: Solution Case StudiesListen now.

Rapid Shutdown: Safe, Simple & Cost-EffectiveListen now.

Rule 21 BasicsListen now.

String Architecture; distributed or centralized?Listen now.

Training Events

We welcome you to attend one of our bi-weekly training webinars. This live webinar covers important product specification, system design and product installation topics. Our NABCEP certified applications and service engineers will help you get the most out of our market leading CPS inverter platform.

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String Sizing Tool

Our string sizer tool, developed in partnership with Renewable Energy Associates, a leader in PV design and training, offers our customers a detailed system design tool for stringing and site electrical design consideration.

CPS PV String Sizing Tool v1.24.1


Videos - Product

Commercial Installations of CPS Energy Storage System

Flex Gateway Introduction

Flex Gateway Installation

H4 or Standard, Wiring Box Comparison

Separable Wiring Box Tour

CPS 1500V 100-125kW Inverter Review

Videos - Company

CPS Factory, Fulfillment

CPS in Latin America (English)

CPS in Latin America (Spanish)

Videos - Customers

Solar Optimum at Minter Field

Scott Starr, Dynamic Energy

Pat McGowin, Dynamic Energy

10MW, J&B Solar with Renew Petra, Florida with CPS 60kW and Flex Gateway communications equipment

Cary Broschat, Solon

Christoph Heinzer, Develsol

Duane DeLarco, 1st American Solar

John Mitman, Natural Power

Nick Davison, Smart Solar


2 Minute Inverter RMA Swap - East vs. West Sales Team Race

CPS 50KW 60KW Video Tour

CPS Roof Solution Bundle; Inverter + Rack + Shade

Wire-box Improvements, 36kW 10-String Input Overview

Instructional Video 1 - Wiring Box Cover Installation tips

Instructional Video 2 - Measuring Proper String Voltage in 28kW Inverter with Old Wiring box

Instructional Video 3 Measuring Proper String Voltage in 28kW Inverter with new Wiring Box