Energy Storage Solutions

2.0/2.4MW String PCS Skid

CPS is excited to introduce a turnkey PCS Skid for utility energy storage systems. The new PCS Skid presents two standardized configurations: 2MW and 2.4MW, achieved by incorporating 10 and 12 units of CPS’s 200kW string PCS inverters (CPS ECB200KTL/US-800), respectively. The PCS Skid is compatible with CPS’s 5 MWh liquid-cooling BESS (CPS ES-5016KWH-US). This solution is characterized by its exceptional integration, encompassing PCS, low voltage BOS and switchgear, auxiliary power supply, communication gateways, and a medium voltage transformer, all tailored for utility ESS applications. The design embodies a modular PCS structure, empowering string-level control and monitoring of battery systems. This innovative approach ensures heightened adaptability, efficiency, and operational continuity for utility applications. 

Key features include:

  • Wide DC voltage range, suitable for various batteries 
  • Full four-quadrant operation 
  • New and old battery racks can be integrated 
  • Fully integrated solution with PCS, low voltage BOS, auxiliary power supply, medium voltage transformer into a 20ft container. 
  • Configurable sizes: 2MW or 2.4MW 
  •  Rack-level control and management for ESS, improved 
  • availability and efficiency. 
  • Modular design, reducing O&M costs, easy to expand 
  • Outdoor design, NEMA 3R rated for application in different environments 
  • Various smart grid features included
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